Animash for Android

Download Animash – Create Warriors by Combining Animals

Animash is an intriguing and fun puzzle game for mobile devices where you’ll create structures by connecting animated images. With beautiful graphics and creative gameplay, Animash will provide you with relaxing moments and intellectual challenges.

Animash – Experiment and Combine to Create New Animals
In Animash, you’ll participate in hundreds of interesting and challenging puzzles. Your mission is to combine animals to create unique and more powerful creatures. You’ll need to think, combine their traits and strengths intelligently to create the most formidable creatures. As you go deeper, the puzzles become more complex, requiring logical thinking and prediction skills to solve.

Download Animash for Android and iPhone – Combine animals and expand your collection of creatures.

Animash also features progress tracking and achievements, allowing you to monitor your progress and complete objectives. You can challenge yourself and compete with friends to see who can solve puzzles the fastest and achieve the highest scores on the leaderboard.

With vibrant and adorable graphics, Animash brings to life a lively and dynamic world of animated images. The images are meticulously and intricately designed, creating a visually stunning experience. Fun sound effects and suitable background music create a cheerful and lively atmosphere for the game.

While belonging to the same genre of brain-teasing puzzle games, Draw 2 Save offers a completely different gameplay experience. Players will be challenged to showcase their drawing skills and creativity through tasks to protect their stickman character and keep them alive.

Download Animash for iPhone and Android
Download Animash to your device and enjoy the outstanding features of the game, such as:

Hundreds of different puzzles to solve.
Fun and addictive gameplay.
Bright and adorable graphic design.
Record your progress and provide achievements for you to complete.
Key Features of Animash: animal combination game, creative simulation game, creature fusion game.

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