Among Us for Android

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Release: Innersloth

Version: 2021.4.2

Use: Free

Capacity: 75 MB

Update day: 26/06/2021 4:00 pm

Request: Android 4.4 or higher


Among Us is a fun online game full of action and intrigue. You will join the crew of a spaceship as they travel through space and discover that a dangerous intruder has snuck aboard, with the intention of destroying the entire crew.

Each level in Among Us has a maximum of 10 players
Each level in Among Us has a maximum of 10 players

All the action in Among Us takes place on a spaceship made up of different units. Starting a new game online or playing against the computer, you will play as an astronaut or impostor, which is kept secret from other players.

If you’re an impostor, the goal is to destroy the entire crew by sneaking up on them and hitting the kill button (KILL). But if you are a crew member, you must try to avoid the fake and quickly find out who it is before it is too late.

You play as an impostor or crew member
You play as an impostor or crew member

To find out who the bad guy is, a chat room attended by all players will appear after the actions, where they can discuss who they suspect is the impostor based on what they say. saw in the game and held a vote. Gamers can also interact with certain items in the spaceship’s room during gameplay.

Interact with objects on board
Interact with objects on board

Download the game Among Us for Android

Overall, Among Us is a great multiplayer game that has a similar gameplay to Werewolf . You can play with your friends or other people around the world. Board the spaceship and feel the thrill of discovering the rogue right now!

Among Us is coming to The Airship map

Recently, at The Game Awards event, developer InnerSloth introduced a new element coming soon in Among Us: Map Toppat Airship (or Toppat Spaceship).

It was a bright lighted spaceship. Players have new missions as well as starting in different rooms after the emergency meeting is over. This will transform your experience, opening up new tactics for both Crewmate and Impostor teams.

This new map features familiar elements like vents for impostors to use, puzzles like wiring and downloading data, and an emergency meeting button. The joy of playing Among Us is exploring every nook and cranny of each map and exploiting them to best kill the astronaut (if an impostor) or learn how to complete the mission without getting killed.

The Toppat Airship map is expected to appear in Among Us next year, as early as the first quarter of 2020.

If you want to know more about Among Us’s Toppat Airship map, check out the article Among Us: Everything you need to know about the new Toppat Airship map .

Update Among Us for Android

Version 2021.4.12

  • The account login flow has been significantly reworked.
  • Updated graphics for textual content.
  • Updated translations for many different languages.
  • Fixed various bugs.

Version 2021.3.31.2

  • Added new map – Spaceship.
  • Large map should have more new missions, improved movement.
  • More areas to explore.
  • New account system updated with Report feature.
  • Comes with a hat with pictures: Heart, Angry Eyebrows, Unicorn, Zipper,…
  • The Airship pack is available for purchase with the new map.
  • Fixed character shadow not working correctly.

Version 2021.3.5

  • Quick chat added, providing an easier, faster and safer way to connect using text-based chats.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t find any lobbies in the public list.
  • Age gate reduced to 13.

Other New Features

1. Add Anonymous Vote Option

All votes are shown in gray.

2. Add Task Bar mode

  • Always works in normal mode.
  • In Meeting mode, only the Task Bar is displayed in the meeting.
  • Hidden mode, completely remove the Task Bar.

3. Game optimization

  • Mira Map: Destroyed chats delete security logs.
  • Added a new look to the meeting screen.
  • Fix some other bugs.

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