Chimeraland for Android

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Release: Level Infinite

Version: 1.0.8

Use: Free

Capacity: #

Update day: 01/09/2022 12:00 am

Request: Android required 6.0 and up

Chimeraland for Android is an MMORPG that takes you into a huge open world filled with different creatures and beasts. One of the interesting things about this game is that you can explore anywhere in the land, including land, sea or air. This is an immersive experience that will test your ability to use the best weapons, skills and attacks to survive.

Be whoever you want in the Chimeraland game world
Be whoever you want in the Chimeraland game world

Of course, in a sandbox world like this, you will certainly not be surprised with familiar actions such as making weapons or building different structures for your character to live. Players can even choose whether they want to live at the foot of the mountain or by the river. In Chimeraland, you decide the fate of your characters based on the decisions you make during the game.

By defeating various animals along the way, you can keep them as your own pets. In other words, you can collect mythical creatures that will accompany you in battles. In fact, Chimeraland allows you to change the character that accompanies you throughout this universe. This way, you will be able to change capabilities and try new ones.

Transform the magical wild world
Transform the magical wild world

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To control each warrior in the Chimeraland universe, you will use a virtual joystick. At the same time, on the right side of the screen, there are a few action buttons that help you complete all the missions and or perform attacks. You can even ride a horse to get from place to place quickly. Don’t forget the stockpile, where you store all the items you find. From there, you will choose what you want the character to eat, restore energy or simply make swords and weapons.

Play with ancient beasts
Play with ancient beasts

Chimeraland doesn’t just put you in dynamic PvP battles against a bunch of different beasts. You can also cook, fish, and harvest various items to prove you have what it takes to succeed in this magical universe.

Outstanding features of the game Chimeraland: Jurassic Era

  • Explore a wonderful world with a total of 4 continents on a 9 billion square foot map, allowing you to collect, hunt, find treasures and build houses.
  • Hunt strange ancient animals. The big world has exotic animals hundreds of thousands of years old for you to hunt. Players can turn them into pets and customize their appearance.
  • Interact with special furniture and large map scene elements to take on different themed challenges.
  • Unlimited PvP combat.

New feature

New content Jurassic Era: Dinosaur Attack

5 new dinosaur species have arrived in the world of Chimeraland. You will be accompanied by ancient creatures and the joy of playing with them.

Dragon Egg Event

The world appeared a new series of Exotic Eggs, extremely large and resembling egg-shaped stones. This series of stone eggs are scattered throughout Chimeraland. Find and tap on them for a chance to get a 100 – 8000 year old dinosaur. The lucky ones might find an 8,000-year-old Tyrannosaur or Spinosaur!. These egg-born animals can be killed for rewards or kept as pets.

New functions and Pets

  • Illustrious Seals can merge.
  • Pet’s Merrou Pill can be fused and used to evolve the pet into an Illustrious pet.
  • White Maiden – the first Illustrious evolved anthropomorphic beast coming soon.

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