Connect Animal Ultimate For iPhone

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Release: Quang Duc Vu

Version: 1.3.1

Use: Free

Capacity: 71.5 MB

Update day: 31/08/2022 12:00 am

Request: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.

Connect Animal Ultimate For iPhone game is designed with classic Pikachu Game style , from graphic design to content, promising to bring players experiences that are both familiar, new and interesting.

Connect Animal Ultimate gives players 2 modes Classic and Dynamic , tailored to their abilities and preferences. Both modes have a time limit, so try to focus on observing and completing challenges and game levels quickly.

Download Connect Animal Ultimate, that game is Pikachu style

1. Introducing Connect Animal Ultimate

Connect Animal Ultimate is a Pikachu-style puzzle game in which the player’s task is to find and match the same cards on the screen to clear the board. The difficulty in the game will increase with each different level.

screen 5

Download Connect Animal Ultimate extremely light capacity

How to play Connect Animal Ultimate is relatively simple, but the difficulty level will increase gradually with level. Your task is to tap on any animal card, then find and tap on another similar card. The cards don’t have to be next to each other, as long as there’s space in between.

At the top corner of the screen will show progress so you can see how much time is left to complete the level in Connect Animal Ultimate . In addition, the number of points that you get for each successful match depends on the distance between the cards.

2. Connect Animal Ultimate Features

– Classic Pikachu style puzzle game.

– More than 5000 levels.

– Support offline game mode, no need to connect to the Internet.

– Extremely light capacity, no battery consumption.

– Classic, simple and addictive gameplay

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