Cooking Fever

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Update day: 07/10/2021 2:00 pm

Request: Windows 8/10

Cooking Fever is an extremely interesting cooking game for those who love housework released by Nordcurrent. Game Cooking Fever will bring us a restaurant with delicious food with a famous chef. This is an attractive restaurant management game that has been available on iOS and Android for a long time and is loved by everyone.

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The game will let everyone participate in managing a restaurant with thousands of famous dishes around the world. Our mission is to process these dishes to serve the diners who come to eat every day. In addition to preparing delicious dishes, the work of food management and menu arrangement is not easy.

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As we know, the success of famous restaurants in the world not only comes from delicious food but also due to many other factors. The first is the attitude of service, the decoration of the store, to the layout of the dish so that it is beautiful, attractive, creating a sense of stimulating the taste of customers.

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If simply cooking would be much simpler, we would have to do the job of a chef and manager of this restaurant. Players will directly choose each set of tables and chairs to the decorative paint color of the restaurant to attract more people to come to more.

However, the most important factor for us to get many customers as well as retain them next time is to cook delicious food. When the food is appreciated, they feel satisfied and refer more people to eat.

Coming to the game Cooking Fever you will have a very interesting experience as a chef in a restaurant, the work here is very busy. If we make them happy, we will be introduced to more guests. That’s why we have to satisfy all customers who come to buy goods by fast service, right order of service, focus on processing food so as not to burn, etc.

Currently the game has up to 400 recipes with many different types from fast food, desserts to savory dishes. The higher the level, the higher we will unlock many delicious dishes, and the first screen the player only needs to process some basic quick dishes.

The restaurant will process all dishes from Europe, America to Asian food, etc. Your task is fast service, good attitude will score the desired score. Try to hit the assigned jobs to get more money. This money can be used to purchase decorative equipment and to expand the restaurant. Even if the business is good, you can hire more employees to make the work here more convenient.

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A fun restaurant game with an eye-catching color interface, along with a bustling restaurant image that will make players feel comfortable after hours of hard work. Download the game Cooking Fever to get started with this busy restaurant management task.

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