Disk Drill for Mac

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Release: CleverFiles

Version: 4.2.274

Use: Free

Capacity: 80.2 MB

Update day: 01/08/2022 12:00 am

Request: Mac OS X 10.8 or later

Disk Drill 4.2 for Mac is premium data recovery software for Mac. Disk Drill includes 2 versions, Disk Drill free (trial) and Disk Drill Pro (paid) with the ability to recover deleted files powerfully and efficiently.

  • Disk Drill for Mac – versatile data processing tool
  • Key features of Disk Drill for Mac
  • Advantages of Disk Drill
  • Update Disk Drill for Mac to the latest

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Want to recover deleted files on Mac OS X, such as important work documents, music files, photos or videos? Some files or data suddenly disappeared from Macbook? Having trouble accessing the camera’s USB or memory card when connecting it to a computer? All of the above problems are fixed with Disk Drill Full.

Why should you choose Disk Drill data recovery software ?

Recover all file formats

Disk Drill for Mac recovers any file or folder, recovers more than 200 types of files with various data recovery methods.

Supports most devices

Connect a storage device and recover data in minutes. Disk Drill also supports recovery from Android and iOS devices.

No complicated skills needed

Download Disk Drill to experience a simple data recovery program for all Mac users. Just press the Recovery button, Disk Drill will do the rest for you.

Disk Drill for Mac – versatile data processing tool

Not only is the software to recover deleted files on Macbook, Disk Drill also integrates many useful tools for data processing, suitable for individual users and small businesses. These extension tools are all freely available and available in Disk Drill. You don’t need to buy additional apps to clean up your Mac, find duplicate files on your hard drive, back up data, or check the health of your Mac’s hard drive.

Key features of Disk Drill for Mac

Recover data from any storage device

Even if you lose data from any type of storage device, if you can connect it to your Mac and view the contents, Disk Drill can scan and recover it. Even if you are having trouble accessing your hard drive or external device, there is still a good chance that this free data recovery software can get your files back for you. Disk Drill can help you recover:

  • Files are deleted from the Mac’s internal hard drive and documents are deleted from a USB flash drive.
  • Lost a partition on external hard drive and lost song on MP3 player.
  • Deleted photo from camera and video from camcorder.
  • Song lost on iPod (Nano, Mini, Shuffle or Classic).
  • Books deleted on an e-reader.
  • The memory card cannot be accessed (such as: SD card, flash, XD, etc.).

Restores all common file system types

Disk Drill has several powerful scanning processes. It can scan the below file systems:

  • HFS & HFS+
  • FAT/FAT32/exFAT
  • NTFS
  • EXT3/EXT4

Recover multiple file types

The software’s deep scan method will work on any file system, even drives with damaged or missing file systems.

The list of file types that Disk Drill can recover includes:

  • Image files such as JPG, PNG and TIFF.
  • Graphics files like: AI, PSD and INDD.
  • RAW image files: CR2, NEF and DNG.
  • Video files like: AVI, DV and MP4.
  • Audio files such as: AIF, MP3 and WAV.
  • Document files such as: DOCX, PPTX and XLSX.

Scan and preview files before recovery

The greatest advantage of Disk Drill is that you don’t have to pay anything until you make sure that your data has been completely recovered. You can scan your hard drive and preview files with Disk Drill. As soon as you are sure your files are recoverable, you can upgrade to the Pro version. And if you install Disk Drill before you lose your data, some of Disk Drill’s data protection features allow free data recovery on Mac.

Protect data and never lose it

Disk Drill has a few free data protection features. Once you’ve enabled them, you won’t have to worry about data recovery for Mac anymore.

  • Guaranteed Recovery – Keeps a copy of the file you deleted to the recycle bin.
  • Recovery Vault – Keeps a record of all deleted file metadata so they can be recovered quickly with the file name and location intact.
  • SMART Monitoring – Alerts you to hard drive problems before they fail.

Restore partition

If you have a damaged disk, lost partition or need to prevent valuable data from being overwritten during the scan, then Disk Drill offers several ways to maximize your data recovery process. .

  • Backup to DMG image – Backup an entire hard drive or partition from the damaged drive to the new drive under one DMG file.
  • Make a drive read-only – Protect a non-system drive during the scan so your data won’t be overwritten by OS X or another application.
  • Partition Search – Recover partitions on HFS+, FAT & NTFS drives and create a virtual partition for any files found.
  • Scan for lost HFS+ partitions – Find and rebuild HFS+ partitions on Mac that have been reformatted.
  • Rebuild the HFS+ partition on the fly.

Advantages of Disk Drill

  • Connect and scan: This program handles files stored on the computer well, but also recovers data from many devices that interact with the Mac.
  • Multi-level scanning: Disk Drill supports two types of scans depending on the cause and time of data loss. For newly deleted files, Quick Scan works best and almost completely recovers the original files. Meanwhile, Deep Scan gives users more options when files have been lost for a long time. Besides, it also takes some time to find and is less likely to fully recover the original file.
  • Previews: Once the scan has completed, the Preview feature allows the user to see the details of the displayed parts on the scan interface.
Update Disk Drill for Mac to the latest

Update Disk Drill for Mac to the latest

Disk Drill 4.2.274 (February 15, 2021):

New feature

  • Disk Drill works fine on Macs that use the M1 chip.
  • Extensive Deep Scan feature for PDF and AI file formats.
Disk Drill for Mac works great on Macs using the new M1 chip
Disk Drill for Mac works great on Macs using the new M1 chip


  • New osxfuse/macFUSE version 4 support.
  • Recover DOC, TTF, PUB files with Deep Scan.
  • Preview DNG/RAW images on older versions of macOS, 10.11 – 10.14.
  • Advanced and recovery SMART monitoring for internal drives.
  • Updating the app no ​​longer requires a user certificate.
  • Advanced scanning for SIP secure drives on macOS Big Sur with T2 and M1 chips.
  • Deep Scan creates a recovery file when scanning the T2 security system partition.
  • Scan the system drive when running Disk Drill on macOS Recovery.
  • Scan devices with ZFS file system.
  • Automatically save scan sessions when switching to disk backup in case of media failure.
  • Upgrade the entire UI when resizing Disk Drill’s main window.
  • Identify RTF files when Deep Scan detects missing fonts.
  • Security upgrade for software update tool.
  • And many other changes, upgrades, bug fixes.

Refer to the introductory video of Disk Drill for Mac software

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