Download Audacity – Audio recording, mixing, and editing application

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Version: Audacity 3.2.0 Alpha 1 64bit, 32bit

Use: Free

Capacity: 25.9 MB

Update day: 20/09/2022 12:00 am

Request: Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10/11

Audacity is a recording software and provides additional audio processing tools to help you get perfect recordings thanks to the ability to cancel background noise. Audacity records directly with a microphone on your computer, exports audio files in many popular formats, controls audio quality, and makes cutting, copying, pasting and deleting sounds easy.

1. What is Audacity?

Audacity includes links to various resources, helping you learn how to use all of the program’s features. These resources include Quick Help Guide, a full guide, Wiki and User Forum in which you can ask questions and get feedback from other users, you can Download audacity windows 7 or windows 10 to record now.

Audacity - Tải về

Download Audacity – Record, mix music, edit audio

Audacity has the ability to record and play sounds, and supports input and output files in WAV, AIFF, MP3 and OGG formats. The application supports you to edit audio by cutting, copying, pasting (unlimited undo), mixing (mixing) songs or using effects for recordings.

Audacity software supports recording audio on the computer by playing audio from websites or from external tools and devices such as mic … users can easily record their own voice with many sounds. through the editing features Audacity offers

Audacity is a tool used to record voices or songs, it removes background noise, not only that, you can also use it to mix sounds together, add effects and edit songs. Audio formats supported by the program include WAV, FLAC, AIFF, AU, OGG, Vorbus.

2. Highlights of Audacity

Audacity allows you to record speech or music, mix sounds together, add effects and edit songs, along with noise cancellation, for better sound. Audacity can save audio through a playback from a computer, from a CD or any other music player. Audacity supports recording audio from 16 channels at a time (provided the hard drive must support many different channels).

Recordings are easily edited with operations like Cut/Match/Copy/Delete. Audacity allows manipulation with 2 functions Undo / Redo to go back to perform the work that you are not satisfied with. Large audio files are edited quite quickly. There is no limit to the number of records that can be mixed.

Download Audacity for Windows v2.3.2 RC (open source) - AfterDawn: Software downloads

Download Audacity Windows, record high quality audio on your computer

Audacity offers live recording with a microphone from connected cassettes or minidiscs at high speeds, up to 192,000 Hz. The software allows to control multiple input and output devices, adjust the volume before and during recording, and supports low-latency recording. Users can create special recordings by combining many different songs.

Audacity has a flexible file import and export feature that is appreciated for its ability to support a variety of music formats. The application allows to record audio and control 16-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit audio quality, convert rate and format. Besides, users can perform batch conversion of songs at the same time.

Audacity also supports many different effects to change frequency, adjust volume, change high note, split voice, dub,… In addition, the software supports many effect plug-ins, additional intelligent audio analyzer.

With the integration of available effects, the program helps to filter out all noise, from car horns, insects, people talking… bass editing, high-low filter, sound amplification.. Additional effects are achieved through plugins.

Audacity allows you to record sounds from many different sources, so you can save a good song or a short conversation with friends. The software will export files to different audio formats, good quality and moreover you are also allowed to edit them. Along with the recording process is noise and noise filtering technology so you get a recording file as you want.

Recording on a computer with Audacity has become familiar to many users today, Audacity supports recording audio along with editing features such as noise filtering, distortion, inserting effects .. Those who make videos need to have funny and unique sounds.

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4. Good tips on how to use Audacity:

*Record on computer with Audacity software, how to use Audacity to record

TipsRecord on computer with Audacity software

To make the recording, you just need to click on the pink Record button as shown below to start recording or from the Transport Menu select Record (or choose the shortcut R).

write me on computer

Step 2 : After recording, click the yellow Stop button on the toolbar

Image titled Export Audio in Audacity Step 1

Step 3 : You can always listen to the recorded recordings with theblue Play button or the Pause button to pause.

ghi am tren may tinh 3

Step 4 : To export that file, go to the File menu and select Export…

Immagine titolata Export Audio in Audacity Step 2

Step 5 : Here you enter the File name in the File Name box , select the format (WAV, MP3….) then Click “Save” to save the file.

Thao tác đổi đuôi AUP sang MP3 trên phần mềm Audacity

Audacity is a voice or music recording software, and supports audio editing, free audio file editing on computers and laptops. This is one of the most popular software with a simple and easy-to-use interface.

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