Download Reaper – Audio recording, editing, mixing application

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Version: 6.68 rc 1

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Update day: 20/09/2022 12:00 am

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Reaper is not only a professional audio recording application that helps you save many different audio sources on your computer, but also provides many editing functions for you to get the best quality files. Reaper gives you full control over multitrack and MIDI audio, supporting a wide range of hardware, digital formats and plugins, thousands of third-party plug-in effects and virtual instruments.

1. Introducing Reaper

Reaper is a useful application that allows you to manually record the sounds emitted by many different sources, edit and arrange that sound. Not only that, with the mixing feature that allows you to create your own sounds.

Download Reaper

Download Reaper – Record, edit, mix audio

The Reaper recording tool offers a variety of effects that make it easy to apply to your sounds. It gives you the freedom to blend sounds together, creating high-quality MIDI tracks. You can edit multiple sounds at the same time, which are located in separate windows.

Reaper allows you to customize features like split, join, resize, change pitch, fade in/out modes for audio. This computer recording program has an automatic recording mode, and supports tools on the control bar for editing. Reaper supports audio plug-ins such as DirectX and Jesusonic.

2. Reaper main features:

– Support today’s popular audio and MIDI formats.

The program supports, processes and edits popular audio formats such as MP3, OGG, FLAC, MIDI, WAV, BWF, W64, AIFF, WavPack.

– Support file drag/drop method.

Reaper has a very simple use, you just need to drag an audio file to be processed and then enter it into the interface window. The program will play the sound in the form of a wave diagram, making it easy for you to edit and edit the sound.

– Record audio from various sources.

The program allows to record all sounds emitted from many different sources such as Microphones, music programs, Radio channels broadcast directly on the Internet, external playback devices such as cassette players, LP players, CDs /DVD… In addition, you can also record audio from voice chat conversations through Skype, Yahoo Chat…

– Edit and edit audio.

You can split, resize, change the ups and downs, create loops and many more editing features.

– Provide many accompanying effects, support plug-ins of other programs.

The program provides many accompanying effects such as compressors, audio ports, FFT EQ, Jesusonic effects, Not only that, the program also supports plug-ins of other programs such as VST, DX plug-in.

– Optionally change the program interface.

Reaper allows you to customize the interface, you can choose different sawcsc colors, arrange (or hide) some tools depending on your choice.

3. Related software

Audacity is also a recording software that supports input and output files in WAV, AIFF, MP3 and OGG formats, record audio from websites or from external tools and devices such as mic … besides Audacity also helps to  blend sounds together, add effects and edit songs.

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