Fear Surrounds

Release: SaltyEgg Studio


Use: Charge


Update day: 15/10/2021 4:00 pm

Request: Windows 7 and above

Fear Surrounds


Fear Surrounds is a horror versionof popular team and faction games like Werewolves , Among Us . In the game, two villains (werewolves) and a group of people get lost in a special space, depending on your side, complete the mission before the evil kills all the good people, or find the devil to sacrifice.

Fear Surrounds is the horror version of the party game Among Us
Fear Surrounds is the horror version of the party game Among Us

Factions in the game Fear Surrounds

Human Goals

  • Complete all the assigned missions and win.
  • Always be on the lookout because everyone around you could be werewolves. Analyze who is good or bad through their behavior. If your judgment is wrong, you can kill good people.
  • Whenever someone is killed, the group must go to the meeting room to vote, or else they will be swallowed up by the alien world and die.
  • When voting at the meeting, the person with the largest number of votes may be sacrificed. Werewolves can win if all humans are sacrificed.
Find a way to kill the Werewolf before it kills all the good people...
Find a way to kill the Werewolf before it kills all the good people…

Werewolf’s goal

  • Kill everyone to win.
  • Werewolves can only kill one person at a time.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings when killing people and be careful not to be detected.
  • Exit the scene as soon as possible after the crime to reduce suspicion.
  • Even if you are discovered, you should find a way to defend yourself.
  • You may mislead others in the meeting.
...or play the werewolf and kill everyone to win.
…or play the werewolf and kill everyone to win.

The Priest’s Goals

  • Priests can periodically check the identities of others.
  • Others do not know your identity. Your words may not be trusted by others, so you’d better not show up so easily.
  • Guide good people to make the right judgment.

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