FIFA Online 4 M for iOS

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Release: Garena

Version: 1.26.0

Use: Free

Capacity: 335.7 MB

Update day: 29/06/2021 4:00 pm

Request: iOS 9.0 or later


FIFA Online 4 M for iPhone is the most attractive football game of Electronic Arts released by Garena in Vietnam today. Game FIFA Online 4 is the next version of FIFA Online 3 with many changes in graphics and gameplay to bring the most authentic experience to players. Download FIFA Online 4 M game for iOS to start playing the most attractive sports game on the planet.

Mini Team Color
Mini Team Color

Launching Mini Team Color – Forming a good team

  • Mini Team Color is a small group of players that work well together for one or more seasons. Mini Team Color can have a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 8 members.
  • Mini Team Color is often created by a special mark and has a significant effect in the hearts of fans and clubs. Typical for Mini Team Color can be mentioned as Barca’s trio: Messi, Suarez, Neymar or Liverpool’s Mane, Firmino, Salah trio.
  • Mini Team Color can be activated at the same time with Team Color card season/club/nationality and Team Color plus card to increase team strength.
  • Mini Team Color will be automatically activated when the coaches own a sufficient number of players who meet the conditions in their starting lineup.
  • The number of Mini Team Color created through the way of building tactics of the coaches is very rich.
  • A player with more than one Mini Team Color will be automatically selected to take the strongest Team Color.
  • Two Mini Team Color can be activated if players of 2 Mini Team Color do not overlap in 1 squad.

Unique features of the game FIFA Online 4 M for iOS

  • More than 32 leagues and 15000 players worldwide. You will freely choose famous players in your squad to create your own dream football team.
  • Synchronize football data on FIFA Online 4 M with FIFA Online 4 on computers so that gamers can manage, upgrade, buy, sell, and transfer players without any difficulty.
  • World Tour mode is an exclusive mode that will help you unleash the glory in the most attractive tournaments around the world, along with extremely attractive rewards.

Create a new coach in FIFA Online 4 Mobile Forming the FIFA Online 4 Mobile game lineup

For many Vietnamese gamers – FIFA Online 3 is the name that brought them to the online football game series, but after many years of launching FIFA Online 3, it has become relatively outdated compared to games of the same genre. Therefore, the birth of FIFA Online 4 with the desire to completely replace FO3 but still retain the inherent spirit of this classic football game.

Unlike the annual football game versions released every year like FIFA 17 , FIFA 18 , FIFA 19 of EA, FIFA Online 4 M game for iOS is the mobile version of FIFA Online 4 with features and accounts. synchronization between PC and Mobile so that gamers can play games on any device with a huge investment.

Start playing FO4 USANew World Tour mode in FIFA Online 4 USA

Before the official launch of the mobile version, the FIFA Online 4 game version of Garena Vietnam added the Vietnam Player card with the presence of the 3 most potential players of the U23 Vietnam team: Cong Cong. Phuong – Xuan Truong – Quang Hai made Vietnamese gamers extremely excited, as well as created a very good spillover effect for FO4.

In FIFA Online 4 M version for iOS, we will have a more authentic experience than ever with a relatively full copyright with 32 tournaments and 15000 players worldwide such as C1 Cup, Premier League, Spain. Nha, Serie A, etc. except for a few clubs still under the copyright of Konami are exclusively on PES. However, basically your team will converge on very close and familiar player images instead of simulated images like before.

Lineup in FO4 Mobile Team details of football game FIFA Online 4 Mobile

The representative of FIFA Online 4 M for iOS is Neymar who is under the processing of PSG instead of Ronaldo like the FIFA 19 version. The data is completely synchronized with FIFA Online 4 on the computer to help manage the team, upgrade, Buying and selling players on the transfer market and opening items will be faster and more convenient than ever. The player stats have also been reworked to update the last 17/18 season. Therefore, you will see a lot of changes compared to FO3.

In addition to the similar features to FIFA Online 4, FIFA Online 4 M for iOS will have a World Tour mode, this mode will be the place for you to conquer the heights in the highest tournaments, along with the Unbeatable rewards. If you are a fan of football games, surely FIFA Online 4 M for iOS will be a name not to be missed at this time.

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