Helicon Remote for Mac

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Release: Helicon

Version: 3.6.5

Use: Free

Capacity: 26.2 MB

Update day: 10/08/2022 12:00 am

Request: Mac OS X 10.6 or later

Helicon Remote for Mac is remote camera management software that allows users to manage Canon or Nikon DSLR cameras from Mac computer, change depth of field (DoF), HDR mode and time lapse (combination technique) combining photography and video to create a stop motion effect), even combining the above methods together.

Helicon Remote
Software that connects the camera to a computer allows remote control of the camera

Helicon Remote gives Mac users the ability to easily manage the camera from their Mac with choices for adjusting aperture, ISO speed, and shutter speed, plus a choice of modes. bracketing (the mode of taking multiple photos with the same setting to ultimately choose the one you like best).

Proving especially useful for macro photography (small subjects), the Helicon Remote allows users to control the camera via a USB connection or a Wi-Fi network (if the camera supports Wi-Fi), displaying camera screen directly onto your Mac and make changes to the settings to take pictures. Once you’ve connected the camera to your Mac, you’ll set the closest and furthest focus points from the app’s Focus Bracketing drop-down, and it will automatically take the number of shots needed and the distance between shots based on on aperture, lens length and correction parameters. Once you’ve made the settings, you can start taking pictures and feed those images into a photo editing app to combine them into a single image or pick the best one.

It’s also worth noting that the Helicon Remote allows you to change the computer’s exposure bracketing up to 15 points , which is probably more than your camera can handle. Another useful feature of the Helicon Remote is that you can use the HDR mode, take multiple photos with different exposures, and post-process to get the photo with the best exposure.

screen 0

The software can also use the time lapse feature, the technique of taking multiple images at a predetermined time interval to create a video with nearly identical images, or perhaps the more familiar term is used. stop motion. With this application on the phone, users can also use the geotagging feature – allowing both moving and taking pictures and the GPS address information is also given metadate information of the image.

Main features of Helicon Remote software for Mac

  • Control the camera remotely – connect your Mac to the camera via a USB cable or a Wi-Fi network (if the camera supports it).
  • Remote photo and video capture – easily change camera settings remotely when the camera is in an unfavorable position, minimizing camera shake and producing the perfect shot.
  • Focus Bracketing – change the camera’s settings to capture a series of shots with the focus point shifting from one shot to the next and ultimately produce the best shot.
  • Exposure Bracketing – take a series of photos with different exposures and blend them to get the perfect HDR image (High Dynamic Range images).
  • Time Lapse feature – take a series of photos at predetermined intervals to see how the subject changes over time.
  • Burst Shooting – control when shooting at fast speeds, set the number of shots and simple control with the Start and Stop buttons.
  • Burst Focus Shooting – set up a macro rail and combine Burst Shooting with Focus Bracketing to get a series of highly concentrated shots with the shortest interval between shots.
  • Ability to use a combination of focus, exposure, and time lapse features.

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