iTunes for Mac

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Release: Apple

Version: 12.7.5

Use: Free

Capacity: 241.9 MB

Update day: 03/08/2022 12:00 am

Request: Mac OS X 10.6"

iTunes for Mac helps you manage and play multimedia files, becoming the entertainment everyone needs, and helps you follow your favorite artists and friends, discover music music, listen and download. The latest version of iTunes for Mac significantly improves performance and stability, giving users the best experience.

iTunes for Mac is the version of iTunes for the MAC OS, also with the function of supporting users to use Mac computers to connect to iOS devices to copy image, video and audio data. In addition, iTunes for Mac also supports users to watch videos, download music, applications, and ebooks directly on the program’s interface.

Using iTunes for Mac helps people listen to online music, watch TV, or many good and attractive movies on Mac computers. All are arranged by item, users just need to search and enjoy right on the interface of the program. It can be said that iTunes for Mac is a large library with many videos, images, ebooks

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Download iTunes for Mac to copy music, videos, photos to iPhone, iPad

iTunes for Mac includes free applications, free entertainment utilities, in addition to paid applications and movies that users need to pay to use or watch. All applications and movies are stored on the iClouds cloud utility to help users find and download easily

iTunes for Mac supports data synchronization including: videos, music files, photos, contacts. , email … between computers and iOS devices . Using iTunes , helps you back up important data to avoid being deleted or lost during the use of iOS devices. iTunes for Mac supports mass storage, so you can safely back up your data on it.

You can refer to how to create iPhone ringtones with iTunes according to specific instructions in our tips section if you want to have vivid ringtones for your mobile phone.

Using iTunes for Mac, users can keep track of many world events such as music charts, activity information, and new episodes of the books you are reading. Thousands of hot game applications are constantly being updated to satisfy the gaming ability of gamers.

Besides iTunes, iTools is also a very effective backup tool for data on iPhone and iPad devices. Especially iTools also supports creating your favorite ringtones for your phone, powerful data recovery, viewing system file information….

Searching on iTunes for Mac is easy, you just need to type the song name, movie name, application name … then, you can watch it directly or save it to your computer. All data is linked together, so you just need to search with a little information, the file you want to download will also show up to help you choose the right file to download

iTunes is now available on your operating system. operating Windows and Mac OS X, users can download iTunes for windows or iTunes for Macto use depends on the operating system you are using. For those who often connect computers to iOS devices, downloading iTunes and using it is the perfect choice. However, iTunes also often has many additional updates, so you should pay attention to update the latest version of iTunes for the best support.

Main features of iTunes for Mac:

– Watch movies and listen to music on Mac
– Copy photos, music, videos from computer to iPhone, iPad
– Install apps, games, buy ebooks on App Store.
– Automatically download music, movies, applications to your computer
– Organize and manage data
– Sync on cloud services

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