Microsoft Outlook for iOS

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Release: Microsoft

Version: 4.56.0

Use: Free

Capacity: 309.3 MB

Update day: 19/07/2021 5:00 pm

Request: iOS 12.0 or later


Microsoft Outlook for iOS is the official and free Microsoft Outlook access app from your iPhone or iPad. Download Microsoft Outlook for iOS for free to quickly view your calendar, share information, and plan team meetings even when you’re traveling, out and about.

  • Why choose Microsoft Outlook for iPhone/iPad?
  • New features in the latest version of Microsoft Outlook
  • Instructions for using Microsoft Outlook on iPhone/iPad
  • Tutorials and tips

Setup menu on Microsoft Outlook for iOSCheck and archive mail extremely fast with Microsoft Outlook on iPhone

Download Microsoft Outlook for mobile – the free Email app that helps you get things done wherever you are with a unified view of your email messages, calendars, contacts and attachments. Microsoft Outlook automatically displays the most important messages in all your email accounts. Swipe to quickly delete, save, or schedule messages that you want to process later. In addition, users can also attach files to Email, OneDrive or Dropbox cloud accountswith just a few taps.

Outlook for iOS supports popular email accounts such as Microsoft Exchange, Office 365,, iCloud , Gmail, and Yahoo Mail.

Reply to emails even when you're not at your computerStay on top of all your schedules with Microsoft Outlook for iOSScheduling and sharing calendars is super easy on Microsoft Outlook for iPhone

Why choose Microsoft Outlook for iPhone/iPad?

Manage Inbox effectively

  • Microsoft Outlook automatically organizes your inbox to help you display your most important messages in an easy-to-see location. Less important emails will be put in the Other folder.
  • Swipe to delete, save or schedule quick message processing.
  • Plan your Emails and they will return to your Inbox in due time.

Integrated electronic calendar

  • No need to switch between Email or calendar apps. Microsoft Outlook has a built-in electronic calendar and scientific notification system to remind you of meetings or appointments.
  • Find the right meeting times and share them via Email or schedule a meeting.

Attach files easily

  • View and attach files from Email, OneDrive, Dropbox and other accounts.
  • Send large files even if you haven’t downloaded them yet.

Find data fast

  • Filter Inbox to display unread messages, flagged messages, with attachments with one-touch operation.
  • Quickly find the message you need, the sender/receiver or important file by entering a few related characters.
  • Microsoft Outlook will display a list of people you regularly contact, allowing you to look up Email, meeting schedules or related files.

Work at the same time with Office and Outlook on iPad
Work at the same time with Office and Outlook on iPad

New features in the latest version of Microsoft Outlook

  • Support Outlook login with fingerprint.
  • Some users encountered an error when signing in to their Yahoo account. This error has been completely fixed on the new Outlook, allowing a smooth and stable Yahoo Mail connection.
  • Easily turn your online meeting into an invitation to connect via Skype service. Try this out when creating a new event.
  • Integration with chat, calling and video calling Skype already supports all account types except Exchange and Office 365. Please update Outlook regularly for use with all accounts.
  • Added support for some new interface languages. Currently, Microsoft Outlook supports 61 different languages ​​and this number is constantly increasing. If you can’t find your language? Please notify through the support section to be added.
  • Reduce application size.

Instructions for using Microsoft Outlook on iPhone/iPad

Get familiar with Microsoft Outlook:

Currently, Microsoft Outlook only supports devices running iOS 8.0 and above. You can download Microsoft Outlook for free from the App Store to use on your iPhone or iPad.

Once downloaded, sign in with any Microsoft Outlook supported Email account with username and password. Note that the device must be connected to a WiFi or 3G network, Outlook will immediately update the new email and meeting schedule. The whole process takes less than a minute.

How Email service is supported by Microsoft Outlook:

Microsoft Outlook supports most popular email translations like Exchange, Google Apps and Gmail. Include:

  • Exchange 2007 SP2, 2010, 2013 and Office365 as Exchange Accounts.
  • Hotmail, MSN and Live like ‘’
  • Yahoo!

How to select multiple Emails:

  • From the Inbox screen , long press on any Email to select one or more messages. Tap the messages you want to select.
  • You can now flag, star, mark the message as unread (envelope icon), move the message to a new folder (folder icon), delete (trash can icon) or save the selected message .
  • To cancel the selection, press Cancel in the top left corner of the application.

How to categorize Inbox:

Microsoft Outlook users can sort messages into: unread, flagged or starred, or file-containing messages with the Quick Filters function .

To use the Quick Filters function , click the Quick Filters icon at the top right of the application, which will open a small menu with 3 sorting options: Unread, Flagged and Files. To remove a filter, press the X icon to the right of the filter.

Devices supported by Microsoft Outlook:

Microsoft Outlook is compatible with devices running iOS 8 or later and optimized for iPhone and iPad.

How to find messages:

Just tap the magnifying glass icon in the upper left corner of the app. Enter a search keyword in this box and see the results displayed. To return to the Inbox, press Cancel .

Inbox management:

Microsoft Outlook users can flag, copy, mark messages as unread, move messages to new folders, and delete or save selected messages.

  • At the message list screen, press and hold any Email to select one or more messages.
  • Click the circle to the left of each message to be processed.
  • Click the corresponding icon to flag / star (flag icon), unread message (envelope icon), move the message to a new folder, delete or save the selected message.
  • To cancel the selection, press Cancel .
  • If in the mail screen: at the top of the message, press the Overflow button to flag / star (flag icon), unread message (envelope icon), move the message to a new folder, delete or save the message choose.

How to change Email signature:

  • Click Settings at the bottom right of the Microsoft Outlook app.
  • In the Defaults section , click Signature .
  • Here you can change the signature for every account or individual accounts.

To change the font size:

Microsoft Outlook supports the Dynamic Text Size feature to change the displayed font size. Go to Settings > General > Text Size . Use the slider to increase or decrease the font size. Once done, restart the application to experience.

Some HTML formatted Emails do not support Dynamic Text feature. In this case, you can replace it with manual dragging and zooming to display the desired font size.

How to delete an Email account:

  • Click Settings in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • At the top of the screen under Account Settings , select the Email account to delete.
  • Scroll down and tap Remove Account .
  • Select From Device & Remote Data.

To create a calendar invitation:

There are 2 ways to create an electronic calendar invitation:

  • Method 1: through the integrated calendar in Microsoft Outlook, click the calendar icon at the bottom of the screen. Press the “+” sign in the upper right corner of the screen. Fill in the event and recipient information, then send the invitation.
  • Method 2: when composing a new message or reply – press the calendar icon to compose a new message or reply to an old message. Click Create Invite. Calendar mode is opened. Choose a time frame for the event, enter a title and location. Enter the recipient’s Email address and send the invitation out.

To sort files by slide, image or document:

First press the Files mode at the bottom of the screen. From Files mode , use your finger to pull down the file list lightly and see the sorting bar. There are 3 classification options: Slides, Images and Docs . Click one of the 3 options to sort files.

To attach a photo or file to an Email:

To attach a photo or file to an Email, press the pin icon at the bottom right of the screen, above the keyboard. From here you can attach a new file you use or a file stored on Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, a local photo, or take a new photo.

To enable and disable the Background App Refresh function:

To enable the ability to download Email on the desktop, you need to enable the Background App Refresh and Notifications feature for Microsoft Outlook in the application and also in the device settings. If you close the app suddenly, the feature will stop working.

Turn on or off the Background App Refresh function in the iOS settings: go to Settings > scroll down to the Microsoft Outlook app > switch Background App Refresh mode to On or Off.

Users can also turn on or off notifications in iOS settings: go to Settings > scroll down to the Microsoft Outlook app > tap Notifications > enable or disable Allow Notifications.

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