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Release: Nevron Software LLC

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Use: Free

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Update day: 01/09/2022 12:00 am

Request: Mac

Nevron Writer For Mac  is a few modern text editors that are compatible with Word 2019 or Word 2013, 2007, … as well as support many text formats such as TXT, RTF, DOCX and HTML.

The main purpose of Nevron Writer is to provide users with an intuitive and comprehensive text model similar to HTML, but with extensions specifically for word processing.


Download Nevron Writer, a word processor that replaces Word

1. Introducing Nevron Writer

Nevron Writer is the best FREE word processor that replaces Word (all versions of Word including Word 2019, Word 2013, Word 2007, …) and is designed to work well (with the same approach. ) on Windows and Mac operating systems.

In addition to being packed full of word processing and editing features, as well as supporting popular document formats including TXT, RTF, DOCX, HTML, PDF and many more, Nevron Writer is also included. adds other “unique” text editing features that you can’t find in other word processors.

In terms of features, Nevron Writer can “beyond” similar competitors like Word or Corel WordPerfect. Besides, the word processor is also available in a free web version.

2. Nevron Writer Highlights

– Free word processor, including web version.
– Support and compatible with Word versions such as Word 2019, Word 2013, Word 2007, … .
– Full package of text editing features.

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