OBS Studio

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Release: Open Broadcaster Software

Version: 27.0.1 64bit

Use: Free

Capacity: 97.2 MB

Update day: 29/07/2021 5:00 pm

Request: Windows 7/8/10/11

OBS Studio (abbreviated as OBS) is a software to livestream screen and stream directly to Facebook or Youtube platforms with sharp image and sound quality. Streaming software OBS Studio also provides filters for rich video sources, warm mixing tools, and noise removal so you get the best livestream products sent to viewers.
Content of the article:
1. What is OBS?
2. Link to download OBS
2.1. OBS 64bit
2.2. OBS 32bit

1. What is OBS Studio?

1.1. Concept

OBS Studio is a software to stream live video on social networks Facebook, Youtube .. and support video recording of computer screen . Open Broadcaster Software is rewritten from the OBS Classic program with many new features such as multi-platform support, and a stronger API feature set. This software has additional filters for the video source to create sharp images, noise removal tools, error correction on windows 10 as well as a different set of dark and light themes to choose from. You can use 32-bit OBS, 64-bit OBS

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Want to live stream LOL (League of Legends) to Facebook or Youtube? Want to record your computer or laptop screen? All are included in the OBS Studio live stream software. Download and install software to help you record and stream games and online TV shows on the hottest social networks today. How to stream full screen OBS is also quite simple to help you create realistic videos,

This is Live Stream software, playing videos directly on Facebook or Youtube with very good quality. This is a rewrite of the original version called OBS Multiplatform with many performance improvements that also overcome all the limitations of the old version, giving users many new interesting features.

Download the latest OBS Studio

Download OBS Studio – Free video recording and streaming software

OBS includes both OBS 32bit and OBS 64bit versions. In addition, the latest version of OBS Studio has improved the quality of recording and playing live videos on Facebook and Youtube, and fixed bugs that still exist on videos in previous versions. Compared to Bandicam screen video recording software, OBS is not inferior in quality, even some users consider Bandicam not equal in many aspects.

1.2. Main features of OBS Studio:

1.2.1. Filming and video streaming tiế p
Software OBS Studio lot Streamer currently used to shoot, play videos directly to Facebook, Twitch or Youtube, just say so that we figure out the features of OBS Studio, right, let’s take a closer look at the functions and advantages of this screen recording and video game software below.

Cross- platform support OBS Studio is cross-platform video capture software that allows you to create unlimited footage and make transitions between shots very easily. Users can also stream live videos to share on social networks, in addition this software also gives you filters for video sources for you to edit and create movies as you like.

1.2.3. Built-in OpenGL and Direct3D
OBS allows video and audio recording of your real-time activities with very good picture and sound quality. The application allows a wide selection of output video formats, previews before streaming, cross-platform support, uses cross-platform libraries and classes across devices, and integrates with OpenGL and Direct3D. Open Broadcaster is also one of many software capable of streaming video online, Open Broadcaster allows previewing videos after recording.

1.2.4. Customize input results
Download OBS Studio is one of the tools used by many people to efficiently record and stream videos to social networking services. The software integrates many filters for images and sounds, removing background noise, noise and image noise to create videos with the best quality. It also supports multiple outputs, previews before streaming, and supports multiple platforms.

1.2.5. Better handling of inputs
OBS Studio software, which many people call obs streaming, supports recording and playing videos directly on Facebook or Youtube with very good quality. This is a rewrite of the original version called OBS Multiplatform with many performance improvements that also overcome all the limitations of the old version, giving users many new interesting features.

1.2.6. Create good quality video
OBS released by obsproject is rated as one of the effective and efficient live video recording and streaming applications, with sharp image and sound quality. In particular, this software supports both Mac, Windows, Linux platforms with high compatibility, many advanced features so you can create as many video streams as you want.

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