Release: QtPass

Version: Linux

Use: Free

Capacity: 100 MB

Update day: 08/08/2022 12:00 am

Request: Windows

QtPass is a password manager that helps you encrypt and protect your personal passwords in a separate file, these encrypted files can be organized into folder hierarchies for easy searching. . QtPass also helps you generate secure passwords with random characters, allowing you to copy passwords between systems.

1. Introduction to QtPass

QtPass allows you to store all your login passwords on Linux, BSD, OS X and Windows platforms – including local and online login passwords – in a secure, algorithmically encrypted environment. modern. Each password should reside in an encrypted GPG file, organized in a directory hierarchy, copyable from device to device, manipulated using standard command-line file management utilities .

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Download QtPass, Create and manage passwords

QtPass also has the role of a password generator that helps you generate secure random-character passwords that are hard for any hacker to decipher. QtPass also provides functions to decrypt, display passwords and related information, edit passwords anytime you want, assign user access rights for each password folder, copy passwords to memory temporarily…with many other interesting functions.

2. Key features of QtPass:

– Store and encrypt passwords in private folders.

– Copy passwords between Linux, BSD, OS X and Windows systems.

– Decrypt and display password information.

– Random password generator.

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