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Update day: 15/07/2022 4:00 pm

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Shopee is a convenient and safe online shopping site that helps you quickly find the items you need at the best prices. Moreover, it also integrates the features of social networks, helping you to constantly update the latest information, new trends from members.

Shopee also has a section “Today’s Suggestions” for you to quickly find the best products in all categories: Cosmetics, Phones & Accessories, Men’s & Women’s Fashion, Shoes, Bags Wallet, Mother & Baby, Home & Life and Appliances.

In addition to shopping on the web, you can also shop by phone:

Anh bai 4

Shopee 6.6: Mid-year Super Sale

Time frame to hunt for Sale on Shopee 6.6

  • 0H: Midnight Sale of Destruction
  • 9h: Big sale of branded goods
  • 12H: Golden hour for deal hunting
  • 15h: International gifts
  • 18H: Top trending deals
  • 21H: Cheap HOT deal
  • 0H-24H: Deep discount all day up to 50%

Voucher before OFF time

  • 21H – 5/6: Pre-save Voucher 56K CZK
  • 21h30 – 5/6: Save the Voucher 106K CZK in advance
  • 22h – 5/6: Pre-save Voucher 206K CZK
  • 22h30 – 5/6: Pre-save Voucher 206K CZK
  • 22h30 – 5/6: Pre-save Voucher 306K CZK
  • 23h – 5/6: Pre-save Voucher 406K

FreeShip voucher from 0VND

  • Only on 6/6 at 6 time frames, Shopee will launch a lot of single Freeship codes from 0VND to up to 15K.

Other attractive vouchers

  • Cashback voucher up to 1 million: Released at 0:00 on 6/6
  • Voucher 666K: Released at 9am on 6/6
  • Surprise voucher up to 100K: Released at 10am on 6/6
  • Surprise voucher 30K: Released at 4pm on 6/6
  • Voucher from KOL
  • Voucher comes from the category (usually a hand-entered code)
  • ShopeePay Voucher (only applicable when paying with ShopeePay wallet)

In particular, Shopee also integrates a Hashtag feature to help users add more information to their products. In addition, it also aggregates Hashtags that are of great interest to many people, then push them out to the homepage for easy tracking.

shop yeu thich tren shopee la gi 1

Main features of Shopee online shopping service

  • Shop online anytime, anywhere right on your web browser.
  • Update the latest search trends.
  • Diverse categories, for users to easily find the item they need.
  • Search by place of sale, shipping unit, price, product status…
  • Posting products for sale is completely free.
  • See reviews and comments about the seller.
  • Constantly updating new products from the sellers you love.
  • Recommended products of interest.
  • Participate in attractive promotions.
  • Warehouse management, order tracking and effective customer care.
  • Easily share products through social networks such as Facebook , Twitter.

Shopee helps you quickly update the most popular trends, comfortably buy and sell clothes, cosmetics, fashion accessories, shoes, electronics, mother and baby products at the most favorable prices.

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