Viber for Mac

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Release: Viber Media

Version: 16.1.0

Use: Free

Capacity: 95.5 MB

Update day: 28/07/2022 12:00 am

Request: Mac OS X 10.7"

With Viber for Mac , users can call and text for free to anyone with Viber installed and anywhere. The only necessary condition is that the device needs to be connected to the Internet.

Group chat on Viber  Call a group of 20 people on Viber Mobile

Viber interface on Mac when chatting

For Viber for Mac , the application will have some features similar to Skype such as calling, chatting via video, synchronizing messages across mobile devices running on different platforms. However, unlike Skype , Viber does not support group calls, or users cannot make phone-to-phone video calls. However, now you can use your Mac computer to make phone calls to your loved ones who are using smartphones with Viber pre-installed .

Viber is a cross-platform application, available on devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, Nokia, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and on Windows operating systems. So you can switch between multiple devices seamlessly. You can answer calls and view your chat history on any device. Sync contacts with your mobile phone so that when you click on someone in the address list you can start talking.

Main features of Viber free chat app for Mac

  • Best call support with HD quality
  • Video call support
  • Send free messages, pictures, texts
  • Group chat
  • No registration, password or requirements
  • Contacts and messages sync between your mobile phone and computer
  • Transfer calls seamlessly between devices

Watch more video tutorials for using Viber for Mac

Like Viber on Windows, Viber for Mac always updates the most unique stickers to help users have more options to express their feelings. To use these stickers on your Mac you need to download them on your mobile device, then sync Viber on your Mac.

When there is a message, a call to Viber will display a notification in the upper right corner of the Mac screen, allowing you to quickly see who is chatting and part of the message.

In particular, Viber for Mac offers you some very unique wallpapers, which add spice to each conversation. It can be the dreamy purple flowers, small motifs, or the city scene at night with lights.

In Viber’s settings, you can set up notifications, the option to launch Viber when you start your Mac, settings related to voice and video calls, or save message history.

When you have to change your Mac or want to log in with another Viber account, just click on the Account tab and select Deactive Viber to completely exit Viber on your Mac.

Although Viber is not the only free chat software on the Mac, it gives users an additional interesting option to exchange information with relatives and friends. Supporting multiple platforms, voice calls, video calls, free messaging, with many lovely stickers, Viber is also a good choice for Mac OS X followers.

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