Release: NTWind Software

Version: 5.3.2

Use: Trial

Capacity: 3.5 MB

Update day: 22/07/2022 5:00 pm

Request: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

WinSnap is a user-friendly video software that makes it easy for them to record and edit screenshots quickly. It captures all windows including non-rectangular ones with transparent backgrounds, including Aero Glass, and instantly enhances photos with professional shading, watermarks and color effects. Moreover, this utility also allows users to edit and add captions to photos later.

Equipped with many useful image capture and editing capabilities, WinSnap can help you whenever you need a photo or your work requires professional photography to publish on a website or blog. , slideshow or user guide.

WinSnap 5.0 – New interface, pixel tools, resizing and more

Latest WinSnap Update

WinSnap 5 is the next major update of the popular screen capture application to NTWind. It includes the following major enhancements: pixel engine, advanced resizing, configuring layouts and shadow effects for shapes/texts, UI redesign… WinSnap 5 Free to all registered users – just download and install it. Here is the new default Light UI style:

WinSnap 5 pixel tool illustration
New text effects and pixel manipulation tools

WinSnap can hide sensitive information on the screen
WinSnap can hide sensitive information on the screen

WinSnap contains a series of innovative features that allow users to take screenshots quickly. The newly redesigned and updated user interface will come with 4 different styles (Black, silver, green and system) and greatly improve the overall usability.

With Win Snap , you don’t even need to use a photo editor. It provides full photo editing features for frequently used cases, such as: adding arrows, shapes and comments. The newly integrated “ Pen ” tool will help you draw a curve easily.

WinSnap 2

Capture multiple subjects and areas

With WinSnap, you can also capture multiple objects simultaneously, such as: windows, dialog boxes, pop-up menus, buttons and other UI elements, and screen areas. Hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple objects in Object capture mode .

WinSnap 6

You can do the same thing in Region capture mode to select multiple screen areas.

Update the latest WinSnap screen capture software

WinSnap 5.20 – 5.2.9

  • Update file language: Czech.
  • Added X shortcut for Exit command in system menu.
  • Some minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • Fix menu capture in MS Office.
  • Updated interface in Spanish, German, Arabic, Dutch, Italian…
  • Fixed key issue in Chocolatey package.
  • Updated Advanced menu and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for advanced file commands (Ctrl+E, Ctrl+H…).
  • Improved window listing in Application mode.
  • Fixed auto-copy when using Region capture command at startup.
New keyboard shortcuts for WinSnap 5.2
New keyboard shortcuts for WinSnap 5.2
  • Fixed language loading in Region capture mode.
  • Executable files under SHA1 and SHA256 certificates.
  • New electronic signature feature added.
  • Update the digital signature for the executable file.
  • Fixed copy-paste of PNG images.
  • Fixes for Surface Pro X and ARM64 installers.
  • Add classic black theme, light theme and color icons.
  • Minimize Auto-Save and Auto-Copy icons.
  • Rename the exe file for the 64-bit version to WinSnap.exe.
  • Fixed default message captions for 64-bit versions.
  • Remove the Enter License Key button on the yellow bar.

As such, WinSnap is really a powerful and easy-to-use tool to help users take screenshots. Try to install and experience the program, you will surely feel satisfied.

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