ZeiyoCraft Mod

Release: LHeinair

Version: Latest

Use: Free

Capacity: 347.9 KB

Update day: 17/08/2022 12:00 am

Request: Windows XP/Vista

ZeiyoCraft Mod adds a few new ores, alloys and alcohols to enrich the Minecraft game world .

Mod adds 9 new ores

Features of ZeiyoCraft Mod

  • Added new ores: Ruby, Sapphire, Onyx, Copper, Tin, Silver.
  • New alloys: Steel, Bronze, Electrum.
  • Added some weapons, armor and tools.
  • New crops: Grape, Barley and Hemp.
  • New food: Chocolate cake, Apple pie…
  • Add alcohol and potions: Hemp, Beer, Wine, Cider and Vodka.
  • Additional security system (with key).
  • Seat.
  • Added crafting items (saddle…), non-craftable coins (for servers).

Crafting recipes in ZeiyoCraft Mod

Types of ores:

Minecraft Mod adds up to 9 new ores: Copper, Tin, Silver, Ruby, Sapphire, Nacre, Jade, Onyx and Amethyst. The first 3 are found in the Overworld and are as common as iron ore. However, you cannot craft armor or tools with these ores. Sapphire is only found in cold/frozen biomes, it’s even rarer than diamonds. Ruby is commonly found in deserts and arid biomes, it is also rarer than diamonds. Jade is similar to Ruby and Sapphire but occurs in jungle, swamp biomes. Narce is found only in the ocean. In the Nether we can mine Onyx and eventually Amethyst ore appears in the End. The last 6 ores are often used to produce armor, weapons and tools, even more suitable than diamonds. When equipped with armor or weapons made from 1 of these 6 ores, you will have additional effects.

Crafting recipe


This Minecraft mod adds 3 types of alloys to craft spears, tools and weapons. Due to the use of up to 2 metals to create alloy items, they often have high durability, high effects and sharpness.

Steel made of iron and coal, its main characteristic being iron but improved in strength. Tools, weapons or armor made of tin or copper will be stronger than those made of iron.

Electrum is an alloy of silver and gold. This is the best alloy in the game between iron and diamond. Due to the gold element, the ability to receive magic effects is also higher.

Food, crops and wine:

These elements are added to the Minecraft game to increase the diversity and richness of the game.

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