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Game Zombie Tsunami – Zombie Tsunami has just launched a vibrant summer version for the free version on Android.

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If you are looking for a game that is both challenging and effective to play on Android, Zombie Tsunami is one of the best choices that Download.com.vn recommends. for you.

Zombie Tsunami is inspired by the familiar “Endless runner” non-stop runner games you’ve encountered in Subway Surfers for Android or Temple Run 2 for Android . But the idea that you feel a little crazy when you have to play the role of zombies and try to eat as many lives as possible makes Zombie Tsunami more attractive than ever.

The game always creates an irresistible attraction because it keeps players hooked on constantly suggested tasks. Complete all the tasks and enjoy the feeling of winning the jackpot when you receive a Lottery card after each successful mission!

Watch the introduction video of Zombie Tsunami game for Android

In the subconscious of many people, Zombies are walking zombies and always want to spread the Virus to people with deadly bites. So when Zombies combine with Tsunami to create a Zombies tsunami, humans will surely be devastated! If you are a Zombie, don’t miss the mysterious gifts on the way such as turning the zombie into a flying dragon, the sword-dancing ninja slashing all obstacles in the way, or the dancing baseball zombie. glide through wormholes or even turn everything into gold if you “eat” the Zombies Gold gift box. So what are you waiting for without downloading and playing the zombie tsunami game completely for free, sweep your raging tsunami, eat a lot of “innocent brains” while avoiding the most dangerous obstacles to become a Zombie boss. .

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Main features of Zombie Tsunami for Android

  • Add any number of zombies to your army if desired.
  • Crazy carnivorous game is fun for everyone.
  • Keep moving if at least one zombie is still running (and it doesn’t have to be the zombie you started with).
  • Collect 8 types of power-ups and bonuses to run further and kill more people.
  • Search for cars, buses, vehicles and tanks to eat the people alive inside.
  • 300 different missions.
  • 9 locations in the world for you to control the zombie army to come.

In Zombie Tsunami , the player starts the run with a single zombie. After playing for a while and earning enough money, you can upgrade to 2 or even 5 zombies to increase your chances of getting a lot of lives as soon as you enter the non-stop race. These Zombies will bite people and recruit them into their zombie army. The more zombie force you have, the more gold you have the opportunity to eat, push the cars containing many people at the same time and you also have the opportunity to run longer in the game.

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You should remember, the human brain is not the only target. Sometimes you need to trade them to overcome a wormhole or to eat mysterious gifts to increase strength. It could be a Giant Zombie with a Laser gun that can burn everything from bombs to planes carrying up to 8 civilians. It could also be a UFO Zombie that has the ability to self-replicate.

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It can be said that Zombie Tsunami game for Android is a blend of a unique plot, attractive gameplay and exciting action sequences and is considered a game worth trying. How many zombies can you collect in one run? Can you survive through dense bombs, lanes of cars constantly slamming toward you? Join Zombie Tsunami on Android and find out.


Review Zombies Tsunami game for Android

Zombie Tsunami has appeared for a long time, but it is still the number 1 choice of lovers of Endless Runner speed games.

Advantages of Zombie Tsunami

  • Addictive gameplay with beautiful 3D graphics
  • Diverse quest system for players to complete
  • Various Zombies and Humans
  • Many unexpected elements make players excited
  • There is a feature upgrade system
  • Lightweight and runs smoothly on most devices


  • Sometimes Boosters don’t work properly (Example: Ninja Zombies don’t chop bombs)

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