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Download FedEx Mobile – Mobile App for Managing Delivery Status

FedEx Mobile is the mobile application of FedEx, one of the world’s leading courier and package delivery service companies. FedEx Mobile provides many useful features for users to easily and conveniently manage and track the status of their shipments and packages.

FedEx Mobile – Track shipment status, manage packages anytime, anywhere
FedEx Mobile allows users to track the transportation of goods. Users can easily enter the tracking number or scan the barcode to check the status and current location of their packages. Detailed information about the expected delivery date, shipping history, and delivery schedule is displayed clearly and comprehensibly.

Download FedEx Mobile for iPhone, Android, and PC – Convenient mobile app for managing delivery status

Additionally, FedEx Mobile also provides features to calculate fees and estimated delivery times, helping users assess and compare available shipping services for suitable choices. Moreover, the app allows users to store addresses and contact information to save time when sending packages.

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Furthermore, FedEx Mobile allows users to schedule package pickups from their address, offering convenience and flexibility for those who don’t have time to visit FedEx drop-off locations. The app provides various payment options, helping users choose the suitable and convenient payment method for shipping services.

Download FedEx Mobile for iPhone, Android, and PC
Download FedEx Mobile and experience its outstanding features such as:
Easily track the shipping status of shipments sent or received from FedEx.
Scan barcodes on packages or shipping labels to quickly add shipping information and track.
Create new orders and schedule shipments.
GPS location feature helps you search for and select the nearest drop-off and pickup points.
Updates on shipping status and important package-related information.
User-friendly and easy-to-use interface.

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