FingerSecurity for Android

Download FingerSecurity – App Lock with Fingerprint Password

FingerSecurity can protect your privacy by locking the apps installed on your phone. With FingerSecurity, you can secure your personal information and quickly lock any apps by setting a fingerprint password.

In fact, not every high-end smartphone comes with built-in app security using fingerprint authentication. However, you can experience this exciting feature by installing an app called FingerSecurity.

FingerSecurity is an app locker that allows users to secure apps by setting their fingerprint as the password. Additionally, you can also set a temporary unlock to allow other users to access the app for a specified period.

To lock apps with a simple password, you can use MaxLock to prevent any unwanted access from other users. MaxLock also allows you to create and set passwords in various ways.

FingerSecurity also lets users unlock multiple apps simultaneously. Additionally, you can use alternative passwords or PINs to unlock apps when your fingerprint is not recognized.

With FingerSecurity, you won’t have to worry about your personal data being snooped on when friends borrow your phone to play games or when children access other apps without your supervision.

Fingerprint AppLock is another app with similar features. Fingerprint AppLock supports Android users in actively locking and unlocking apps on their devices using pre-set fingerprints, enhancing security in app operations and future use.

AppLock is also one of the widely used app lock utilities. AppLock is a essential security app for Android users with features to lock and protect apps already installed on your phone or tablet, preventing others from accessing and using them.

Key features of FingerSecurity:

Lock/unlock apps with fingerprint password

Unlock multiple apps at once

Use a password or PIN as an alternative to fingerprint

Change wallpaper with your favorite images

Allows specific users to unlock apps

Capture photos of unauthorized app intruders

Notable feature of FingerSecurity: Set app passwords, set fingerprint passwords, unlock apps with fingerprints.

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