Flash Alert Flash App For Android

Download Flash Alert Flash App – Flash Alert for Calls and Messages

Flash Alert Flash App is a useful and convenient application for Android devices. With its flashing alert function, Flash Alert Flash App helps users not to miss any calls, messages, or app notifications when the phone is in silent or vibration mode.

Flash Alert Flash App – Flash Alert for Calls, Messages, and App Notifications
When installed and activated, Flash Alert Flash App will automatically activate the phone’s flash. The flash will automatically blink whenever there is an incoming call, message, or notification from other apps. This helps users immediately recognize new calls or messages without needing to turn on the sound or check the screen.

Download Flash Alert Flash App for Android and iPhone – Automatically flash when there are new calls and messages.

Flash Alert Flash App offers flexible options for users to customize how the flash alert works. Users can choose the number of flashes, flash speed, and the time interval between each flash. This allows you to tailor notifications to your preferences and needs.

Flash Alert Flash App also supports a flash alert mode when the phone screen is off, helping save battery and optimize usage. Especially with the “Do Not Disturb” mode, you can select a period during which the app won’t flash alerts, so you don’t have to remember to turn it on or off constantly.

In addition to the flash alert function, this app also integrates a flashlight feature that works like a regular flashlight. This is very useful when you need a bright light in urgent situations like reading a book, navigating, or in the dark of night without having to search for a separate flashlight app.

LED Flashlight is also a highly useful flashlight app for phones. With LED FlashLight, your phone will instantly become an ultra-bright flashlight that can illuminate everything in the dark. The app also provides various lighting effects and LED lights for you to experience and flexible color changes.

Download Flash Alert Flash App for iPhone and Android
Download Flash Alert Flash App to your phone and experience its outstanding features such as:
Flash alerts for incoming calls, messages, and app notifications without turning on the screen.
Customize flash speed and time intervals.
Schedule flash alerts with the “Do Not Disturb” mode.
Use the flashlight feature like a regular flashlight.
Key Features of Flash Alert Flash App: flash alert for calls flash call notification phone flashlight

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