Google Opinion Rewards For Android

Download Google Opinion Rewards – Answer Surveys and Earn Money for App Purchases

Google Opinion Rewards is a unique app that allows you to earn rewards by answering short surveys and questionnaires. Share your opinions and receive credits in your Google Play account to purchase apps, books, or even make in-game purchases.

When you use Google Opinion Rewards, you’ll receive notifications about short surveys related to Google Play apps that are waiting for you. These surveys can cover everything from hotel opinions to location-based product reviews. Typically, surveys only take about 20 seconds to complete.

Earn money to buy apps on Google Play by sharing your opinions with the Google Opinion Rewards app! For each survey you complete, you can earn a certain amount of money and choose to spend it on your favorite Google Play apps.

Download Google Opinion Rewards for Android and iOS – Survey Answering Software, Earn Money for App Purchases

After completing a survey with Google Opinion Rewards, your answers will be compiled and shared with market researchers who created the surveys. Unless otherwise specified at the beginning of the survey, your responses will remain completely anonymous and not linked to personally identifiable information.

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Key features of the Google Opinion Rewards app:

Users can quickly answer surveys and earn up to $1 for each completed survey.

Payments are made via PayPal.

User responses are completely anonymous and not linked to personally identifiable information.

Works on Android 4.1 and higher and iOS 10.0 and higher.

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