Instant Heart Rate For Android

Download Instant Heart Rate – Accurately Measure Heart Rate on Mobile

Instant Heart Rate is an application that helps users measure their heart rate through mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Instant Heart Rate works by observing changes in blood flow on the fingertip and provides relatively accurate heart rate results for users.

With Instant Heart Rate, you can measure your heart rate anywhere, anytime—whether you’ve just woken up, are relaxing, before or after exercising, before meetings, and much more. It ensures high-precision results and is very simple to use.

Similar to other apps, Instant Heart Rate maximizes the use of the camera sensor and flash to process images of blood vessels on your fingertip, thereby providing users with useful information quickly.

Mi Fit is also a choice for many mobile users when they need to track and care for their personal health. With features that track your daily activities such as running, cycling, Mi Fit also helps analyze the causes of sleeplessness and shallow sleep, providing suggestions to improve sleep.

Using the Instant Heart Rate utility is relatively straightforward. As soon as you open the application, the device’s flash automatically turns on and prompts you to place your index finger over your left hand to cover the camera. The device then observes and provides the heart rate result after 10 seconds. The result is assessed on the international standard heart rate scale.

Furthermore, Heart Beat Rate is also a useful heart rate measurement app used by a large number of users. The Heart Beat Rate app allows users to measure their heart rate instantly in just a few seconds, allowing you to quickly determine your health and physical condition.

Key features of Instant Heart Rate:

Measure heart rate through mobile devices.

Real-time PPG chart.

Continuous measurement mode or automatic stop.

Heart rate zones.

Pulse waveforms.

Store and tag data on a weekly basis.

Export data for registered users.

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