SecondScreen for Android

Download SecondScreen – Connect Your Phone Screen to TV

SecondScreen is a tool designed for Android device users who frequently connect their devices to external screens such as computers or TVs. SecondScreen works with a second screen solution to accurately mirror what your device displays.

With SecondScreen, users can adjust their device’s resolution to match the resolution of the external screen. Additionally, the app automatically disables the backlight or vibration mode to save battery when your device is connected.

SecondScreen features a straightforward and intuitive design that allows users to easily configure it to work with different types of screens. It also displays the Chrome browser in desktop view. It automatically turns on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to quickly connect a keyboard and mouse for easier navigation and control of games or web browsing on Chrome.

If you want to customize the screen interface for your phone or tablet, Screen Filter and PRO Screen are useful apps to consider. PRO Screen allows you to change the mundane interface of your iPhone with beautiful new images. Screen Filter, on the other hand, is handy when you want to save battery by reducing screen brightness to a minimum when you’re not using your phone much.

Additionally, you can explore VideoShow, a professional video editing app with many useful tools and effects. VideoShow also offers various effects that you can apply to your videos.

Key features of SecondScreen:

– Connect your Android screen to a computer or TV.
– Adjust resolution to match the connected screen.
– Automatically enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
– Automatically activate sleep mode.
– Support Overscan for older TVs (Android 4.3+).
– Disable device backlight or vibration to save battery.

Notable feature of SecondScreen: Connect your phone to the TV to watch phone videos on the TV or view phone photos on the TV.

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