Universe Fighters For iPhone

Download Universe Fighters – Build Your Team, Adventure in the World of Dragon Ball

Universe Fighters is an exciting and dramatic arena fighting game with the Dragon Ball theme, where you’ll participate in epic battles between powerful warriors from different universes. With stunning graphics and a diverse combat system, Universe Fighters provides players with unforgettable experiences.

Universe Fighters – Recruit, Build the Strongest Dragon Ball Team
In Universe Fighters, you’ll enter a fantastical world, unlock rich adventures, continuously collect rare resources, and build the most formidable team from legendary characters in Dragon Ball.

Download Universe Fighters – Join intense battles between legendary characters.

With a diverse character system adapted from the original, including characters like Trunks, Master Roshi, Vegeta, each with their unique skills and strengths, players can create their exclusive team, similar to the game Warrior of Universe. During the game, you can strengthen and equip items for characters to make them even more powerful. You can also customize the appearance of the characters to make them unique.

Universe Fighters offers a diverse and rich combat system. You can perform combo attacks, use special skills, and employ smart strategies to target enemy weaknesses, defeat the odds, and overcome all challenges. Flexibility and tactics are the keys to victory.

Download Universe Fighters for iPhone, Android, and PC
Download Universe Fighters and experience the game’s outstanding features, such as:

Engaging combat battles.
Rich and diverse character system.
Multiple exciting gameplay modes.
Character upgrades and customization.
Beautiful graphics and amazing effects.
Key Features of Universe Fighters: tactical card game, Dragon Ball game, Dragon Ball Z game.

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