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Download Order Please! – Become a Waitstaff and Hone Your Drawing Skills

Order Please! is an engaging simulation game specially designed to provide the exciting experience of serving customers in a casual restaurant. Developed by the talented team at FTY LLC, Order Please! has captured the attention of gamers nationwide.

Order Please! – Challenge Your Communication Skills Through Drawing
In Order Please!, you step into the role of a server at a bustling eatery. Your task is to welcome customers who come to enjoy delicious street food. What makes this game special is the way you communicate through drawing menus. Customers will use images to order dishes, and you must draw accurately to meet their desires.

Download Order Please! for Android, iPhone, and PC – Become a professional restaurant server.

With vibrant graphics and a user-friendly interface, Order Please! immerses gamers in a colorful world where they can freely showcase their serving skills. Order Please! offers various difficulty levels, from easy to challenging, ensuring that players continuously challenge themselves without feeling bored.

Furthermore, interactive storytelling is a highlight of Order Please!. Players will go through various scenarios, from serving regular customers to handling emergency situations, providing an incredibly enjoyable experience.

Download Order Please! for PC, Android, and iOS
Order Please! not only brings the joy of simulating restaurant service but also combines creativity and unique storytelling interactions. This is a game suitable for all ages, guaranteeing enjoyable entertainment moments for players.
Outstanding communication through drawing.
Various challenging serving situations.
Different difficulty levels to test players’ skills.
Freedom to interact with the story and discover new things.
Sharp graphics with vibrant colors.
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Key Features of Order Please!: Simulation game, drawing game, interactive storytelling game.

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