Rainbow Survivor For Android

Download Rainbow Survivor – A Fun Item Search Role-Playing Game

Rainbow Survivor is a unique game developed by T.Game Studio for mobile platforms, promising players challenging and entertaining experiences.

Rainbow Survivor – Collect Items and Take Them to Your Hideout
In Rainbow Survivor, you play as a child who can transform into various household items, trying to evade the gaze of your father, babysitter, police, and grandmother. You also need to collect items and bring them to your hideout to win, similar to the game Rainbow Friends on Roblox.

Download Rainbow Survivor – An entertaining game for relaxation and fun.

The game features simple gameplay but provides a sense of challenge for players. You must move your character by swiping the screen in different directions. Pay attention to the time, energy, and danger level of each item. Be careful not to get caught by those searching for you. If you are caught, you’ll have to start over. Rainbow Survivor has various themes waiting for you to unlock, as well as many surprises and attractive rewards.

Rainbow Survivor for iPhone and Android
Rainbow Survivor boasts beautiful graphics and cute animations that provide moments of entertainment and relaxation. Try your hand at the game now to see how long you can hide and search for items.

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Key Features of Rainbow Survivor: Hide-and-seek game, role-playing game, item search game.

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