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Download TripAdvisor – Find Travel Information, Restaurants, and Hotels

TripAdvisor assists travelers in researching information about hotels, restaurants, and activities at destinations around the world. If you lack information or desire the best options as rated by fellow travelers, then TripAdvisor is an effective source of suggested information for you.

TripAdvisor for iPhone allows users to explore millions of reviews, opinions, videos, and authentic photos from fellow travelers to help you plan a perfect trip. Additionally, the app enables users to leave their own reviews for any hotel, restaurant, or tourist attraction.

Through the TripAdvisor travel app for iPhone, users can explore restaurants by food type, price range, and customer ratings. It also helps you discover interesting things to do at your destination, compare flight prices, and find great results. is another widely used mobile app for booking hotels online. With’s support, your travel experience will be more convenient and save you a lot of time.

The Discovery feature in TripAdvisor helps users easily search for nearby places or any address you input. Moreover, you can interact with other users through forums and quickly receive answers to your specific questions.

In addition, “Du lịch Việt” and “MyTravel Vietnam” are useful apps for users planning to explore domestic travel destinations in Vietnam. “Du lịch Việt” is a purely Vietnamese program that provides users with a list of famous landmarks and tourist destinations throughout Vietnam, serving travel or organizing long-day tours. “MyTravel Vietnam” is an application that allows users to access information about popular locations, restaurants, and entertainment venues in Vietnam.

Key features of TripAdvisor:

Browse reviews and ratings of places from travelers

Find the best hotels

Explore restaurants by food type

Compare flight prices and find discounts

Add your own reviews

Notable feature of TripAdvisor: Hotel booking, travel information search, flight booking.

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